Domaine d'Aigues Belles


Founded by Eugène Bosc around 1870, this winery has a long history of growing grapes, although during the difficult times after world war two, the production was sold to the local cooperative until the family Palatan decided to renovate and restructure the vineyards and winery to be able to produce high quality wine under the label Aigues Belles again.

The approximately 21 hectares of vineyards are situated around 40 km north of Montpellier in southern France and belong to the appellations Languedoc (AOC and IGP depending on varieties) and Pic St Loup. The soils here are arid and stony on a mix of limestone and calcareous clay.

Aiming for excellence, today the winery is run by Gilles Palatan together with his nephews and the vineyards are tended for by Gilles Pelletier. Although non- certified, the vines are grown biologically and yields are low to very low (20-45hl/ha). Grapes are handharvested and sorted twice, white varieties being handled during the cool hours of the day and protected from oxidation with carbonic gas during transport to the winery.

The red wines are elevated for twelve months or more in barriques using one third new, one third one-year old and the rest two-year old wood. White wines (with the exception of Sauvignon blanc) undergo second fermentation and stay around three months in 100% new barrels.

The rosé is made with pressed grapes and comes from some of the oldest vines at the estate - in this style it is probably the best you can find outside Provence.

All the wines from Aigues Belles have an impressive intensity and length and their value far exceeds the price.