Phigaia Il bianco
Manzoni Serafini&Vidotto

Phigaia Il bianco  - Serafini&Vidotto

Appellation: IGT Trevenezie, Veneto, Italy

Grape Variety: 70% Sauvignon blanc, 20% Pinot bianco, 10% Riesling

Vinification: Steel tank

Alcohol: 13.0%

This white wine cuvee is vinified to 70% in steel tank and 30% in oak, which gives it a creamy structure and added complexity. The bouquet is filled with cool fruit, vanilla and some floral notes. It is a very versatile wine which can be drunk on its own aswell as with food or cheese. Due to its structure and balance, it will age beautifully for up to ten years.

Price/Carton 6x75cl        120.00 CHF

Available vintages:  2018